Heavy Haulage

Most businesses today require heavy haulage services in Melbourne. In one way or another, cargoes need to be transported to a specific location and may cover a long distance. An average courier service may not be able to handle heavy load, so the help of haulage companies like Membrey’s is often needed.

Construction, logistics, mining, and seaport sectors are among the several industries we service. With a lot of heavy cargo going in and out of these companies, using trailers is a necessity. You don’t have to buy your own trailers; you can let Membrey’s handle all your oversized transport requirements.


Types of Heavy Haulage Cranes

Our heavy haulage services

Since our business is continuously growing, we keep expanding our heavy haulage division to provide definite solutions to our clients’ transportation needs. Our range of equipment includes extendable trailers, platform trailers, dolly’s and jinkers for trailer extensions, vessel carriers, tank trailers, and modifiable purpose-built trailers.

  • Extendable & Steerable Extendable Trailers

Shipments vary in size or length. Your average truck trailer of 12metres long may not be able to accommodate longer materials. For this reason, using extendable trailers is a must with the added function of being extended up to 44 metres long our steel-built trailers can haul bridges, long steel beams, wind farm.

  • Platform Trailer

Suitable for heavy loads up to 130 tonne and can be extended in weight and length. Platform trailers are specifically used for the relocation of trams, trains, cranes, earthmoving machinery and general machinery.

  • Dolly’s and Jinkers

Dolly’s and jinkers are a type of trailer extension connected to a prime mover vehicle, such as trucks. Both equipment are often used together to maximize weight-lifting capacity, ranging up to 60 tonnes. With our qualified drivers, our large vessel carriers can be safely steered from the rear to navigate tight bends.



Flatbed Type Hire

  • Vessel Carrier and Tank Trailer

We can customise our heavy-duty trailers to accommodate high loads and vessels. Our vessel carriers can effectively move your large cargo by carrying it low to the ground. 

  • Modifiable Purpose Built Trailers

Membrey’s welcomes customised heavy haulage transport requirements. For several years, we have been building modifiable purpose-built trailers that are most suitable for our client needs. We always go the extra mile to have your project completed because we want our valued clients to be fully satisfied.





Custom Heavy Haulage Trucks